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Plympton  Massachusetts
Gene Beliveau & Gene Beliveau, II
On our scheduled day the
crew showed up and like a
well oiled machine, they
started working on the
What impressed me about
the guys is that they treated
my yard like it was their own.
When the job was complete
the only way anyone could
tell you were here was the
beautiful driveway that you
left behind.
You have a very
professional, courteous
crew and a wonderful
Warren and Patty McGraw
Since 1976
Since 1976, Plymouth County Paving is about 100%
customer satisfaction becoming the South Shore's
Go-To-Paving Guys for driveways, parking lots,
roadways, tennis courts, site prep, excavation,
demolition, land clearing, stump removal, hauling,
snow plowing, and parking lot maintenance.
Since 1976, Plymouth County Paving is about fast courteous service using only the
finest materials at affordable prices.
Since 1976, Plymouth County Paving is about laying it on the line every day.
Since 1976, Plymouth County Paving is about
pursuing excellence in customer service, pursuing the
best quality in every finished product.
The Early Years
Gene Beliveau started Plymouth County Paving, in
1976, with one little dump truck and a used asphalt

Gene proudly recalls, "I really didn’t have any
employees or much equipment. I did most of the work
myself and rented equipment when I needed it.”
Gene paid cash for his trucks and equipment
keeping the company debt free. A policy that continues today.
In the early years Plymouth County Paving focused on residential driveways and small
commercial projects.
Putting Our Reputation on the Line
Gene realized that if he were to succeed, he must
set himself apart from the competition. He set out
to make Plymouth County Paving the South Shore's
leading paving contractor.

Soon Plymouth County Paving earned the highest
reputation for quality and service all over Eastern
Mass. Gene says that most of our work is repeat
business and by word of mouth.
During these formative years Plymouth County Paving experienced slow and steady growth.
In 1996, Gene Jr. came onboard as a full partner and
Plymouth County Paving created a full-time
commercial division and expanded into demoltion,
excavation, hauling and site prep.
With the expansion came a new excavator, backhoes,
grader, compaction rollers, and new trucks. The
company now works with three paving machines, from
small, medium to large. Plymouth County Paving
handles any job: large, medium, or small.
Partnership & Expansion
The Quality You Can See
Gene says, "Way back in the early years I set out to
make Plymouth County Paving the best paving
company possible, but I had no idea what would
happen. Our customers tell us how proud they are of
their asphalt, even years later."
"They tell me that it looks different, it looks better,
than their neighbors. I can't go to a grocery store in
Norwell, a gas station in Easton, or even a hardware
store in Falmouth, without a customer recognizing
me, and saying hello. That means a lot."
"If I didn't like it, I wouldn't keep doing it. I still look
forward to getting up every morning, meeting with
customers,  both old and new, and seeing how we
can meet another challenge, fill another need, solve
another problem. And besides, I get do it all with my
son, and maybe pretty soon with my grandsons.
"And today is a great time to be in the paving
industry: new technologies and procedures are
developing, and I like being a part of something that's
making a difference."
"I don't know, maybe I just like getting that phone call from someone that says, 'Hey, I
have a problem with my driveway and I heard that you are the Go-To-Paving Guys. Are
you available?""
100% Guaranteed
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