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Plympton  Massachusetts
Gene Beliveau & Gene Beliveau, II
Services & Solutions
Services and Solutions
Asphalt Paving
Excavation & Demolition
Plymouth County Paving builds new driveways,
parking lots, additions, sidewalks, tennis courts,
patios, and roadways, or we repair fatigued areas
and overlay the entire project with a fresh coat of hot
We do it all! And we also do it in Eastern
We do it all and because we take pride in our work
Plymouth County Paving means quality.
Our Dual Layer Asphalt Paving System is 100% Guaranteed!
Ask us about our green paving alternatives that effectively minimize harmful erosion and
flooding from pavement runoff. For over thirty years Plymouth County Paving is the South
Shore's leading installer of pervious paving products, including porous asphalt, grass
pavers, interlocking pavement blocks, and geotextile fabrics.
We are flexible and inovative. If you want to talk about a new technology, a new process,
call Plymouth County Paving. You can depend on Plymouth County Paving. Since 1976
we've been the solution for thousands of driveways and parking lots.
Each project begins with a complete, no-cost and no-obligation site assesment and
itemized quote. Our customers love us from the beginning because they can see our
professionalism right from the start to the finish.
Are you ready to see the quality? Call today!
We wanted to drop you a
short note and thank you
for the Great driveway you
put in for us.
Patty and I are glad we had
the chance to meet and
get to know you at the
Kingston Home Show.

At the time we really
weren't in the position to
get a driveway. But after
having you come to our
house and talk about the
options we had and what it
would cost.

We couldn't resist.
100% Guaranteed
#1 Driveways
#1 Heated Driveways
#1 Permeable Paving
#1 Parking Lots
#1 Roadways
#1 Handicap Ramps
#1 Overlays
#1 Sealcoat
#1 Berms
#1 Sidewalks
#1 Patios
#1 Tennis Courts
#1 Stone Driveways
#1 Porous Paving Blocks
Since Gene Jr. came on board, he has become a
catalyst for phenomenal growth.
Gene claims that some of their commercial
customers wanted us, because of our quality, to get
into demolition and site prep. As our customers'
businesses and needs grew, so did we.
Plymouth County Paving does it all. As we built our
reputation for quality, with integrity and attention to
detail, we just naturally expanded
into demolition, tree clearing, cut and fill projects, site leveling, and basement prep.
Our hand-picked crews operate our state-of-the-art-equipment cost-effectively insuring
that your project meets all regulations within your time frame.
We thrive on challenges.
Give us a call.
Asphalt Maintenance
Effective asphalt maintenance prudently extends
the life of your asphalt investment.
You can depend on Plymouth County Paving to
help you keep your asphalt serviceable for many
years to come.
We approach your maintenance concerns with a
tri-fold solution: sealcoat, crack filling, and
asphalt patching.
Our goal is to protect your asphalt from the elements, because the asphalt protects
the aggregate foundation below it.
Think of the asphalt as the paint that protects you car's body parts from rust and rot.
When we apply a protective sealcoat to you asphalt, think of the sealcoat as the
wax that you apply to your car's paint to help maintain your car's finish.
After your new asphalt cures, a protective sealer is essential, and depending on
weather conditions and use, we recommend a re-application every two to five
Call today for your free itemized estimate.
Commercial-Industrial Snow & Ice Mangement
Clearing snow from your parking lot is a serious
concern for you and your customers.
We offer fast, efficient, thorough, and economical
snow & ice removal.
Plymouth County Paving tackles some of the biggest
parking lots in Massachusetts.
All of our cutting-edge equipment is operated by
skilled crews and available to you seven days a week,
24 hours a day.
Free Consultation
#1 Snow plowing
#1 Excavation
#1 Site Work
#1 Demolition
#1 Hauling
#1 Screened Loam
#1 Drainage
#1 Curbing
#1 Landscaping
#1 Concrete
#1 Stump Removal
#1 Backhoe Work
#1 Grading
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We not only provide snow plowing and snow removal service, but we also offer sidewalk
clearing and ice management service.
We also offer after the storm service that includes pavement repairs and parking lot
Our reliable, radio monitored, equipment includes plow trucks, back hoes, wheel loaders
with pusher boxes, skid steer loaders, dump trucks, and sand & salt spreaders.
Call us for our dependable snow & ice service.
With over thirty years of experience we offer the most dependable service at the best
Plymouth County Paving always provides free written estimates.